ECT Always On Module


Model years 2016-2019 only.

The ECT Always On Module is made to order.  Lead time is approximately 1 week.

Love driving your Tacoma in ECT mode?  I do.  You know what I didn’t like?  Pushing the dang button every time I got in the truck…I always forgot.  Not anymore!  Whatever your reason, you’ll love the ECT light coming on every time you start the truck.

  • Plug and play – Plugs inline neatly between the button and the cable.
  • Power also plug and play – Plugs into the cigarette adapter wires, so no need to run power all the way to the fuse box.
  • Onboard fuse – Again, no need to run power all the way to the fuse box.
  • LED light shows when activated/deactivated (I know, it’s buried behind the dash, but when initially installing, it’s nice to have a visual to see operation before hiding it forever.)
  • Audible chirp when activated (double chirp)/deactivated (single chirp).
  • Long pressing (5 seconds or so) will ACTIVATE, and every time the truck starts, ECT is turned on. Long pressing again will DEACTIVATE and will not turn on ECT with truck start.
  • The ECT button retains original function regardless of what mode it’s in.

Note:  If the truck is put into accessory mode (By pressing the start button twice without your foot on the brake), the module will assume the truck is started.  If you start the truck from accessory mode, ECT will not be engaged.  You will need to turn the truck completely off and on again for ECT to automatically come on.

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